7 reasons why travelling makes you better at your job

November 18, 2019
7 reasons why travelling makes you better at your job

Lots of job seekers are afraid of quitting their jobs to take a travel break. “Quitting my job to travel will make it look bad on my CV when trying to find a job” is a common refrain. Well, let’s debunk that myth.

Sometimes, taking time off from work can be seen as a positive when you are in the market to find a job. Of course, it depends completely on what you do with your time. Not everyone is lucky to ‘find themselves’ with their travel escapades, but a well-travelled job seeker can come across as a catch for employers.

Team Player

Like most important things in life, travelling is also a team sport. You meet a lot of people, you share your experiences with them and vice versa. You are always responsible for yourself, but on a trip you might also be responsible for others. You learn to trust and to take initiative, both qualities that employers seek in job seekers. So if your resume says that you travel a lot, it might just boost your chances to find a job that you love.

Attention To Detail

The smaller things come together to make or break a plan, whether it’s in your presentation or out in the world. Travelling makes you a stickler, the good kind, for detail. Dealing with scheduling conflicts and prioritizing itineraries are coveted skills that employers look for in job seekers.

Unpredictable – Unphased

A trip never goes as planned, because traveling is life happening to you on the move. The best part is that it doesn’t give you any choice but to adapt. It changes the way you problem-solve and makes you more creative out in the world and at your work. This is a super useful skill to showcase when you are out to find a job.


Your travel experiences positively affect the way you manage your time and relation with others. You become great at being ‘outside of your comfort zone’ but still making the most of it. Your getaways will come in handy when you set out to find a job.


Having seen the world from multiple POVs, helps you in keeping your biases aside and tackling a problem objectively. Your experiences will guide your efforts to find a job, or to excel at the one you currently work by positively changing the way you listen to others, view their problems and deal with them.

Fosters Creativity

An adventure that takes your brain away from the monotony and throws it open to new colours, ideas, and culture is proven to activate the brain in a much more refreshing fashion. Moral of the story being pack your bags, it might just help you find a job, and not just with your Instagram aesthetics.


Out on the road, you’ll learn to stand-up for yourself and also to patiently listen to others, you’ll become comfortable adapting but also learn to put your foot down when required. Your experiences make you self -aware and help you realize your potential as well as your limitations. These learnings add themselves to your personality over time, making your capabilities evident to your employers – who have a keen eye for such traits in job seekers.

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