A Healthy Alliance In Times Of Covid-19!

Sep 15, 2020
A Healthy Alliance In Times Of Covid-19!

Raj lost his job due to the mass-employee sacking in May. Being the breadwinner of the house, he had no alternative but to look for another job. Days at an end, he would sit in front of his laptop screen, looking for opportunities.

In a eureka moment, as he was looking at the covid-19 updates, he couldn’t help but notice a peculiar section on this covid-19 tracker that listed jobs. He instantly got a lead, applied to the job, and landed the position.

This is not a make-believe story. We’ve all been hit by the global pandemic in the most unanticipated manner. India is the second most affected country by the world’s fatal disease. Millions have lost their jobs.

In times like these, the youth of the country must come together & support each other holistically. JobSquare being a fast-paced organization has always looked towards meaningful partnerships within the country. As a part of LocalForVocal, and bringing optimism to those seeking opportunities, we joined hands with CoronaTracker. 

CoronaTracker is a covid-19 tracking initiative by a group of students & professionals in Goa. The initiative is a web application that gives real-time updates on covid-19 situations across the country.

Our team got in touch with CoronaTracker to do its bit, give back to the society it was born in, and help people find relevant jobs near them. The agile response from the team of CoronaTracker instilled a sense of enthusiasm in us, and we got together to develop a distinct page that listed jobs from across the country.

Through this collaboration, JobSqaure could contribute to the growing problem of unemployment and bring qualitative jobs to people rather than quantitative job-listings. The team of JobSquare will eternally be so grateful to CoronaTracker for the joint-effort.

JobSquare forever looks for partnerships that add value and promote a healthy association between organizations of India. If you think your organization can collaborate with ours at any level, in any dimension, reach out to us. We are open to ideas and would be more than happy to join hands with multiple teams across the country.