A recruiter's guide to hiring soft skills

July 11, 2019
A recruiter's guide to hiring soft skills

Hiring is one of the most important and challenging roles of HR personnel, and there are many important criteria to consider when evaluating a candidate’s potential fit. While the usual competencies required such as relevant job experience, soft skills and career history, are a must for the position, but the secret component to make the right hiring decisions doesn’t fall into any of these categories!

Research increasingly shows that hiring people who align with your company’s unique culture and values is an essential part of effective, strategic hiring. Remember to not overlook the minute details of the candidate. Here are a few critical factors to consider before hiring an employee and making a job offer:

Prioritize culture fit

Companies are increasingly recognising the value of culture fit. What defines your company culture? What kind of workplace do you hope to build, and what traits do you value most in your employees? In order to determine that, it’s important to understand your own culture and what exactly you’re looking for in your candidate.Every employee is different therefore it's best to hire someone who will mesh well with colleagues from day one so you don't create friction. Team collaboration is crucial to business and effective teamwork doesn't mean every employee will share similar views. In fact, diversity of viewpoints is extremely beneficial to create new ideas. Variety of different people who all bring a range of different experiences, perspectives and skill sets to the table. And the key to making a diverse workspace productive is underlying shared values that create an open environment in which everyone feels free to speak up and share their thoughts.

Know your candidate's intentions:

If you’re considering intelligence and experience, make sure you are thinking about it in terms of a genuine drive to learn and level of life experience that enables the candidate to easily adapt and evolve. Discovering these qualities in candidates can be illuminated by posing the right questions. Change the setting, meet candidates outside of the office, at events or out for coffee. Get them talking rather than answering. This will somewhat help you determine whether or not there is alignment between your job candidate and the company’s goals.

Pay attention to the questions they ask

Assessing candidates during an interview is not always a walk in the park, it’s essential to know if a candidate is detail-oriented to ensure that they perform well in their role. It is essential to know that any good candidate should ask thoughtful questions throughout the interview process. This shows preparedness and engagement on the part of the candidate. However, thinking of the interview less as a question-answer session and more as a conversation, in which both you and your potential candidate ask each other questions to determine alignment. The best hires care about the team they’ll be on, who will be managing them, and how they can help take your company forward.

Prescreen your candidates

Save selection committee and interview time by pre-screening candidates. While a candidate may look good on paper, a pre-screening interview will tell you if their qualifications are truly a fit with your job. And how do you plan on doing the same? A video resume lets you literally see the candidates and hear their case (via your communication skills, personality and charisma), It reveal facets of their personality a paper resume simply can’t communicate. Employers often use it as a pre-screening tool to evaluate the "right fit" for their company, and also if they are aligned with their attitudes, values, and mission. Simplify the recruitment process with JobSquare’s video resume feature to obtain evidence about whether the candidate may fit within your culture - or not.

While there is no guarantee to hire the "culture fit", these steps will help the company select candidates who are more likely to work out in this regard.

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