An enhanced job search tool for professionals

Sep 17, 2020
An enhanced job search tool for professionals

What is the one thing professionals look for when searching for a job? Let us narrow it down further. What are the contributing factors that professionals look for in a job portal, recruitment consultancy, HRO, or referrals?

This article speaks about a young gun in the ocean of job portals in India, JobSquare. Trying to blow our own trumpet? Sure. Just this once (maybe not). 

The dilemma of using JobSquare vs other Job Portals in India. 

Job search in India is a different ballgame altogether. The realm of recruitment is like a union territory; every provider strives to sell his/her services at the most “cost-effective” price. 

JobSquare is an organisation that is fast-paced, cheeky, and feasible in the real sense. Unlike the traditional players in the market, we strive to upgrade our products and services each day. In a year, the portal has successfully onboarded more than 6000 companies with myriad job-postings. 

We target numbers each day to provide hallmark yet essential services to all our business entities. However, we noticed a pattern in the users across dimensions. Their dilemma to trust a newbie. Believe us, we get that. Some reasons that we thought could be of this dilemma are: 

  • Is the database authentic & fresh?
  • Can I get the desired results in the stipulated time?
  • Will I be able to cut down on my hiring cost?
  • Why should I trust yet another startup?
  • What is so different about this portal than others?

And so much more. While we have answers to all your questions, we want to focus on only one thing; Quality over quantity.

SuperMatch for Candidates

As a new brand, we try to break the glass ceilings of existing technology and market offerings. So, to bring a “cost-effective” solution to one of the two prime segments of our users, candidates, we recently launched a feature of “SuperMatch.”

SuperMatch streamlines the hiring process for both Candidates & Recruiters in a tech-savvy manner. At just ₹ 249, a professional looking to switch companies, careers, or locations, gets relevant job suggestions in real-time by increasing his/her visibility by almost 30X.

Features of SuperMatch for Candidates

Let’s not bore you with text!

Bottom Line

This is an appeal not to believe us but try it. ₹ 249 is an amount that matters to those who earn it with great effort. That’s why to add value to your investment and support your job search in India; we ask you to put your trust in us. You can do your due diligence & research about SuperMatch, here.