Lessons you learn after being laid off

November 18, 2019
Lessons you learn after being laid off

You are going to be OK. While that’s not a very insightful piece of career-advice or some interview tip that’ll help you with your next job; but it’s the most important thing that you need to know when you get laid off. It seems life altering, in a bad way, but down the line you will look back at it and smile.

This article isn’t about career advice that drastically changes anything or a lesson in avoiding company layoffs but life lessons that can also be applied in your work life.

Stop and look around

We often get engrossed in the 9-5, the 9-9 actually with most of us, so much that we become indifferent to what we see, hear, and sense outside work. Only looking forward to email notifications and messages on the work group. Being laid off is the universe giving you career advice. It is not easy but it gives you the opportunity to stop, introspect, walk around aimlessly and give your brain the vacation it deserves. Stepping away from the corporate hustle may take away the paycheck for a bit but it’s a gateway into getting to know yourself better.

Go for It

Getting laid off is an incredibly stressful time, but only when you hit rock-bottom do you realize that it’s not as bad as it was painted to be. It teaches you that being uncertain is okay, and that there are realistic opportunities even outside your comfort zone. So why not switch industries like you’ve always wanted to or get career advice from the unlikeliest source, or take a chance on that start-up.

More than your job

Company lay-offs are tough, it gets to us, especially because most of us define ourselves by our jobs, even outside of work. The best piece of career advice you can give yourself right now is that you are more than your job. An individual with multi-faceted responsibilities and aspects. The part of your resume dedicated to your hobbies and extra-curricular activities is as important as the rest of it, and that’s an important life lesson and an interview tip, rolled in one.

Lastly, think of this as a phase where life is giving you career advice and interview tips. Embrace it.

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