On a job-hunt? Here’s how you can nail your next interview!

March 10, 2019
On a job-hunt? Here’s how you can nail your next interview!

If you're one of the many, many people looking for a job, you're not alone, at all. Also, welcome to the right place for you! If you already have some experience with interviews, great, however it never hurts to brush up on these skills. We all know by now that it's all about the first impression and we must put our best foot forward. Remember, you only have one shot. (No pressure, though!)

Well, as cliche as it sounds, your first impression does make most of the difference. It decides whether you're a cut above the rest of your peers, or not. Increase your odds of being hired by showing up for the interview fully prepared. So despite the pressure to ‘keep calm', don't shy away from expressing your desire to work for the company. An important tip would be to be true to yourself so they'll know that they are indeed hiring the right person for the job. Being prepared, polite and on time are a given but here are more insightful tips to nail the interview for your dream job (again, no pressure remember.)

Research the company:

One of the best ways to nail your job interview is to study the company and its current activities. This is paramount to proving your interest in the position as well as your knowledge of the industry. Knowing what projects and key clients they have with will help tailor your answers specific to their business needs. You should equip yourself with knowledge about the company's history and future endeavours — it's the only way to show them how your vision aligns with theirs. Once you have all the research, ask the right questions. Put yourself in their shoes and use that to estimate the type of people they want to work with.

Dress appropriately:

More often than not, you already follow this. People love putting on display how formal and cordial they can be in professional settings. But what if we told you that's not the point? You need to become aware of the company's culture utilize your best judgment to figure out what is appropriate. This does not really mean you need to wear formal attire. You have to factor in the business, the organization and the situation for which you are applying. Take that, mix it up with a fair amount of comfort and remember to spritz a little bit of the ‘confidence fragrance' on yourself.

Ask Questions:

Look at your interview as a conversation - which it is. It is more likely a two way street - you're interviewing the company just as much as they're interviewing you. All the research in the world cannot fill you in on the company's team culture and work ethic, which are very important factors to consider when you're calling a job your dream job! So, ask questions which give you a greater understanding about whether the company is what you're looking for.

Follow up ASAP:

Follow up immediately after the interview with a brief ‘thank you' email or even a professional message. Stick to short messages about your interest toward the company and open the lines of communication for further questions. But, like every other thing in the world, don't over do it. Let's be frank, the longer and the more detailed the messages, the more chances for grammatical errors and before you know it, red flags will be raised. JobSquare has a direct messaging feature that you can use. Since it's a job search app, no matter how short your follow-up, the main takeaway will always be professional.

Confidence is the most important asset you have. Follow these tips and walk into your first interview like you already belong there.

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