On a job-hunt? Speed it up with JobSquare!

April 05, 2019
On a job-hunt? Speed it up with JobSquare!

While the internet has made it easier for people to search out and apply online to nail down their dream job, with so many candidates online sending out applications, it creates a clutter of information. Lately, with all the job vacancies in India and all the applications available online, job hunting has become a long and tedious process. From creating an acceptable, well-rounded resume and narrowing down on a shortlist of job opportunities around you, to applying and getting interviewed — the process often takes months. This might often make the process seem like it’s going nowhere, like a dead end. Wouldn’t it be more efficient to invest your time in methods that are likely to be most fruitful? That’s what we’re here for! We at JobSquare are revolutionizing the way you search for jobs with technology that smoothens and expedites the process.

Here are the features that can help you speed this whole jig up!

Verified profiles:

Companies are increasingly using social media as their primary tool for recruiting. You can promote your candidacy using the verified profile feature on JobSquare to authenticate your identity socially. It's become more and more important to consider your online presence, as employers have been expanding their hiring procedures to incorporate social networking sites. Recruiters get a more clear sense of their potential employees and their backgrounds before they have even interacted. It makes it easy for hiring managers to understand you better — your likes, dislikes, and how you might fit within the company’s culture.

Video Resumes:

Get tech-savvy with JobSquare’s video resume feature that helps managers better understand the applicant “face to face.” Recruiters love the idea of video resumes since they present a holistic view of the candidate rather than just an off-the-internet-template list of accomplishments. A candidate can record a video of himself/herself on JobSquare and show off the best parts about their personality. This feature helps to communicate their value in a way that’s not possible with static text. It makes it so much easier for a recruiter to judge eloquence, communication efficiency, body language and soft skills. Also, it eliminates the most time consuming part of job hunting.

Direct messaging:

Have you been in a situation where you’re just waiting for a reply to your application? Well, now you can just skip that unnecessary exchange of emails. With the direct messaging feature on JobSquare, you can connect with the recruiter with ease. This bridges the communication gap between recruiters and candidates. Jobseekers can reach out to hiring managers directly, and vice versa, which is faster than email, calling, or a customer support form submission.

Hyperlocal search:

Commuting is a nightmare — we agree! Candidates can now browse jobs by location to avoid all the stress that comes along with peak hour traffic. Filtered job searches within selected radii, localities, etc.through the hyperlocation search based feature on JobSquare makes looking for candidates close to your office or looking for work closer to home so much easier. Working closer to home helps maintain a good work life balance, and eventually increase employee satisfaction and retention.

Build social network:

All you have to do is reach out! Whether you’re an HR manager, a recruiter or a candidate, you can build relationships with your peers on JobSquare through the networking feature to speed up your chances for success in the job-hunting / hiring race. Accumulating new contacts can be an asset when it comes to establishing a strong network of people you can count on for ideas, advice, feedback, and support.

Kickstart your career with us! JobSquare is just the right place for everybody to find a place they belong in. Capitalise on cutting-edge technology available to you any time, anywhere and free of cost to maximise the time and energy you’re investing on your job search!

Jobs and people pinned around your location, wherever you are, enabling you to search faster.