6 qualities your ideal employee should have!

April 20, 2019
6 qualities your ideal employee should have!

When you think of the perfect candidate for your vacant position, you have a long list of prerequisites to fill. Hiring people with an expert profile who not only fit the skill set but actually drive success, becomes a fairly tall order. As important as knowledge and experience is, you'll notice that they're not going to be the sole driving forces of your team. Here are a few soft skills you should prioritize when you're deep into hiring mode!


Perseverance is defined as an individual's ability to complete tasks, even difficult and unenjoyable ones, through the end. People with this trait readily take on the new challenges and get things done, rather than get inhibited by external circumstances. It's a critical characteristic for majority of roles that require analytical skills. Nevertheless, it is imperative for any industry, as persevering individuals tend to focus on solutions instead of problems.


The potentially best employees out there are looking for a combination of growth opportunities, responsibility, autonomy and an opportunity to prove their worth. If you have the choice between someone who has years of experience but a bad attitude, or a person who has more to offer in terms of ambition and drive, always choose the latter! Experience is crucial, but a positive, self-motivated person will bring new energy to your organisation while gaining experience on the job.

Great communicator:

Developed communication skills matter a lot in any role — hire employees who can communicate in a lucid manner. Communication abilities determine how well you convey the messages across the organization and outside of it, grasp the information given to you and how effectively you operate it. These skills are associated with work ethics, courtesy and knowledge of the business communication rules. Moreover, they are also closely tied with teamwork and relationship building!

Follows trends:

Recognising what is buzz-worthy within your industry can be a huge help when doing strategic planning or plotting new ways to attract clients. Additionally, being future-forward and understanding the ramifications of constantly changing technology to your business model is a huge bonus. So look for employees who have their finger on the pulse of things in your market and are furnished with new information. Not only do they make everyone's job easier but also they bring out advancements within the company!


Hiring a reliable employee is the goal of every interviewer. The best employees are the ones who are honest and upfront in all aspects. Apart from diligently checking the candidate's references, how can you assess your applicant's reliability? Make sure to check not only their resume against their other public profiles such as blogs and their social media accounts to ensure you're getting the full picture. This way you get an idea about the new hires and their credibility.

Team player:

Organisations are full of different individuals, while some are competitive, others are too relaxed to even bother. Employees that share common goals and values and has the ability to set aside personal differences to achieve company's objectives should be hired. Hence a team player's role is much needed as he needs to maintain the balance.

Employees are an integral asset of an organisation. Their objective should be to fulfil their dreams and the vision of the organisation. Hence, companies should be probing for these qualities in an employee apart from their strong skill sets. With JobSquare and it's various features such as video resume and social verification, you can now understand a lot of these skills even before the first interview.

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