Recruitment Life-cycle 2

Oct 7, 2020
Recruitment Life-cycle 2

As promised, we have researched, brainstormed, and covered the tips, techniques and portals that help you reduce the longevity of the recruitment process.

A recruitment life cycle starts when a company or organization starts to look for a candidate. This search can start through a recruitment portal, a recruitment agency, a consultant or referrals.

It is a proven statistic that it takes almost sixty days for a recruiter to close a job-opening. In our previous blog: the recruitment life cycle, we talked about the reasons as to why a 360 recruitment cycle is delayed. In this blog, we are going to keep it short, and suggest tips and techniques that really help you reduce the hiring efforts!

Can I really reduce the time while hiring a candidate? 

This comes as a no-brainer. Every human resource manager aims to bring dynamism, speed, and optimization in the recruitment process. He/she tries to look for ideas and alternatives that allow him/her to focus on other aspects of human resource management, rather than being stuck on just hiring & firing.

Here’s how a hiring manager can reduce the recruitment life-cycle duration marginally:

  • Engage the candidate in the hiring process through communication, activities, and conversation.
  • Scan most applications that reach your dashboard or desk.
  • Make sure you add keywords and expectations in the JD for candidates to apply.
  • If you’ve found the right candidate for the job position, close your job-posting.
  • Give a candidate some intimation on why he/she was not selected for the post, honestly.

  • Use Technology To Its Full Potential
    Technology has been varied in its existence for a couple of decades now. The advancements of Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Natural Language Processing, and algorithms have eased out the hiring efforts to a great extent. Hence, automate hiring through recruitment portals,  and tools

  • Hire A Quality Candidate In The First Go
    As a hiring manager, you can gauge the candidate the moment he/she walks into your organization. Hence, if the initial conversation is decent and there is a possibility of hiring the candidate, make the offer. You can decide to keep an alternative for a job opening, however, delaying the hiring of a qualified candidate can backfire and lengthens the process.

  • Go For New Hires Rather Than Referrals
    Referrals greatly benefit the credibility of a candidate. But, they tend to make the candidate comfortable in his/her shoes for the already made effort by the referral. Hence, try looking out for someone who is new to the company, unaware of your working culture or the organization. You would get twice the enthusiasm and dedication from his newbie than a referral candidate.

  • Get In Touch With Talent Pools, Candidate Database & Alumni
    Talent pools and candidate databases can easily be accessed through job-boards available on the web. What matters is the fresh data available on the job portal. Apart from accessing these, you can also get in touch with the Alumni of the company, and retain them with a better package. This will greatly help since they are already accustomed to the products, services and working culture.

Job Portals That Have Fresh Databases In India! 

  • JobSquare (Because Why Not!)
  • LinkedIn
  • Zigsaw
  • Cutshort
  • Aasaanjobs
Bottom Line

From knowing about how to reduce the hiring time, understanding the different techniques to include in a hiring process, and getting to know job-boards, we suggest you explore every option possible. You may send a few hundred on a mere coffee, might as well try hiring through a cost-effective and young service provider?