5 things millenials look for in a job

July 11, 2019
5 things millenials look for in a job

Millennials, the myth-busters of today, have more to offer than any other generation. In the run of always trying to figure themselves out, searching for the right path and seeing the world go through a digital transformation, they have managed to smoothly adapt to the breakthrough in every industry. By 2025, Millennials will form 50% of the global workforce. It is believed that 90% of them will stay in one job for less than 3 years and most of them change will about 15 or 20 jobs over their lifetime. So what exactly does this ever-changing generation looking for? Let’s find out!

Sense of Purpose:

Despite being the most tech-savvy generation, millennials crave meaningful connections at work. A 9-5 job is no longer a term in a millennials’ dictionaries, they believe more in the output than in counting the hours at the office. They are more likely to quit the job if they don’t see any sense of meaning at work. Making a positive difference in the world is more important to them than salaries. This leads them to the path of innovation, looking for a fix for problems or even leading the company solely. Make them believe that the work they are doing is giving something back to the community, be transparent about the progression of the company and their performance overall, and you’ve got yourself one happy, retained employee!


It’s important to remember that this generation came of age during the Internet explosion, which explains why it’s not surprising that technology plays an instrumental role in their lives — including during the recruitment process and when they’re finally in the workplace. If you’re looking to recruit someone with a young, fresh perspective, looking for them online would be preferable. Once they’re on board, they expect technology to be a part of their workday – both for personal and professional use. Over 50% of this age group prefers to communicate electronically at work and this has led to a rise in live chat tools and collaboration boards are already starting to replace traditional email in many workplaces.


With a growing number of millennials working freelance places high importance on maintaining a work-life balance. This generation believes its job is not just a place to go to but a thing they’d like to do daily. In order to have a fulfilling life, millennials need a flexible work schedule that seamlessly integrates with their own. Companies should consider a work-from-home policy when they’re not required to be in office. With so much of the work being online, and thanks to smartphones and live co-working tools, they can essentially work whenever and wherever they prefer!

Relaxed work environment:

Unless there’s a very important meeting coming up, cubicles and formal clothes need to be absolutely out of the question. It’s not about being high and mighty but rather about getting the work done in the most comfortable and efficient way. A sociable and fun workplace is a high priority to Gen Y when looking for a job. An organisation culture that is open-minded, interactive, and always on the go may help them to foster belonging in the company. Monthly outings, a recreation area, or allowing one’s pet to work will create a relaxed work environment. Bringing pets to office has been shown to drastically reduce stress and make work more productive.

Create new titles:

Contrary to popular belief, millennials aren't lazy or slacking. They're committed to advancing their careers and don't wait more than three years for a promotion. Same goes for their own branding. They need to "prove" to their friends and share their new status on social media. A "specialist" title instead of an "assistant" or "Account Executive" instead of "Content creator" would likely attract these Internet boomers. These new titles are a promotion without any rise in their pay.

Pro tip: Review your policy on the use of social media, as 60% of millennials say they wouldn’t accept a job from a company that bans social media. Most companies are well aware that millennials jobseekers consider a variety of factors beyond how much a job pays. Are you ready to adapt to this new way of life?
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