What To Bring To An Interview [Besides your A-Game]

November 11, 2019
What To Bring To An Interview [Besides your A-Game]

Preparing for a job interview can be a daunting task. And while you get busy prepping up for job interview questions and deciding how much you should quote during salary negotiation, it can be easy to miss a few essentials.

So here’s a handy list of absolute must-haves for the next time you’re interviewing for jobs in India.

Multiple, Printed Resumes

We know. The world is digital and whatnot. But carrying a printed resume to your job interview (and not one on your phone) still conveys seriousness and makes you look professional. So make sure you carry some of those for your job interview.

Notepad and Pen

Fumbling on your phone as your employer speaks during a job interview just makes it look like you’re distracted. Besides, you can be viewed as aloof for having your head down during the entire job interview. So be sure to carry a professional-looking notepad and more than a few pens just in case – so they know you mean business on your job interview.

Thoughtful Questions

It’s your job interview. So they’ll ask all the questions, right? Wrong. Whether it’s for salary negotiation or anything else – before going for your job interview, go through company material online and the LinkedIn profiles of the company’s top leaders. Being well-prepared with smart questions will impress your interviewer – because it means you are up-to-date on industry and company trends, and respect yourself enough to ask questions during a job interview. Be sure not to miss this.

Stories From Your Life

When it comes to a job interview, it isn’t just impossible to memorise every possible answer to every possible question – it can also make you come across as robotic and disconnected. Instead, it might be worth thinking about how you can weave examples from your life or career story to answer common job interview questions. Make sure to rehearse your stories before job interview day though, because you don’t want to start a story and realise with horror if that story ends in an embarrassing way.

And most importantly, don’t forget to have a great time at your job interview! You’re going in to have a genuine, engaging conversation after all. Good luck!

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