How do I find Jobs on JobSquare?

You can look for jobs on JobSquare by simply browsing for jobs, conducting a custom job search, or searching for jobs using the Map View.

To browse jobs :

  1. Sign In to your JobSquare account
  2. Randomly browse through the Find Jobs tab on your dashboard. 

To conduct a custom job search: 

  1. Sign In to your JobSquare account
  2. Click on the search bar at the top, type a keyword to initiate your search.
  3. Click on see all to view the results
  4. Click on filter to refine your search: 
    - Distance: Select the radius for your job search from your current location.
    - Locations: Mention the preferred location for your job search. 
    - Industries: Specify the industries that you are interested in working with.
    - Experience: Specify your work experience range. 
    - Job Types: Select one or multiple job types from full time, part-time, contract, and/or temporary.
    - Companies: Mention preferred companies for your job search. 
    - Company Types: Choose either direct company postings or postings from hiring agencies.
  5. Click on the apply, to filter your search results based on your preferences

To search jobs using map view: 

  1. Sign In to your JobSquare account
  2. Click on view on the map on your dashboard.
  3. Tap on the purple circle(s) to zoom into the map and get a list of job openings in that area.
  4. You can also customize your search by tapping the filters option on the top right corner. 

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