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Q. How to create a company or choose an existing company?

Search your company's name from a drop-down list or create a one if you can't find it on the cards. While creating a company, add relevant details about your workplace, like your logo, organization details etc. which will always work in your favor. It will add credibility to your post while allowing you to attract more candidates.

Q. What is Job area?

Our algorithm lets the candidate make an area-specific search while searching for job. Adding micro-location, ie. a specific area of a city, to your job post will allows the candidates to make an informed search.

Q. Why do you need to add skills?

Once a job seeker lands on your job, they need to find out their eligibility, before they hit the apply button. Adding precise skills will help you attract the perfect and most eligible candidate for your job post faster.

Launch Date - 25 June 2020

We build JobSquare to connect recruiters and job seekers in real time based on hyper localisation, resulting in faster job finds and expedited recruitment process. We tried a lot of platforms over the years but none of them solved our recruitment issues. JobSquare is different.

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