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Get super at hiring with SuperMatch. Get exact candidate matches and increased job post visibility by 30x.
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6500+ companies use JobSquare as their preferred hiring platform over frozen databases

Companies from corporate heavyweights to young ventures and dotcom flag bearers - all are trusting our online recruitment platform to hire fast and precise.

Automate your boring tasks

Automate resume screening

SuperMatch automates your tedious tasks of candidate research and outreach helping you fasttrack your hiring process. Its technology working for you.

70% of teams agree that recruiting automation would increase productivity.

With other platforms you need to manually scan resumes and put research behind every application to identify the best for your team.

Designed to automate your boring tasks
Goodbye to primitive recruiting

Goodbye to primitive recruiting

Start hiring instantly

An advanced matching algorithm helps you find relevant candidates based on job title, location, skills and responsibilities, adding accuracy to your search results.

On average, recruiters spend close 13 hours in their work week sourcing candidates for a single role.

With other platforms you need to manually slog through frozen databases to find a perfect hire.

Keep conversations
organised and flowing

Instant message facility

Connect with your candidates faster with real-time conversations happening over direct messaging. Send prompt replies to candidates and accelerate your hiring process.

90% of active workforce is willing to talk and learn more about an open position.

With other platforms you struggle with long email threads and managing multiple messaging accounts.

Keep conversations organised and flowing
No phones. No emails.

No phones. No emails.

Schedule quick interviews

Schedule interviews quickly with your shortlisted candidates and sync it with your Google calendar. Get notified for scheduled interviews.
No more running behind schedules, stay a step ahead.

60% of recruiters lose candidates before they're able to schedule an interview

With other platforms you still have to spend ⅔ of your overall hiring time on the interview process.

Mobility is the new flexibility

App makes it simple

Hiring can't wait until you reach your work desk.
Manage your job posts, stay connected with candidates, shortlist people for future opportunities on the go with our Android or iOS mobile app.

51% of talent professionals recruit throughout the year for positions that may open up later on.

On other platforms you get glued to your work desk while posting jobs and searching for candidates.

Mobility is the new flexibility

Unwavering monthly tractions

SuperMatch integrates the power of tech into human resource management, helping companies to build and grow their teams with speed and efficiency.

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